Information exchange and business risk

Business cards: Social act leading to retention drama? I recently received an email request, sent to all of our employees, asking whether anyone required business cards. It struck me that it’s ironic, in this social media age, that the survival of the business card may ultimately have more to do with social convention than it […]

Are you operating honestly and effectively?

The need to reduce business risk has taken centre stage over the past few years. From financial losses to damaged reputation and corporate failure, there is a growing awareness that unforeseen market forces represent an escalating threat to business. Take last year’s horse-meat scandal for example, that prompted a number of organisations to revisit governance […]

Invu User Conference, August 2014

Our recent North West User Conference held at DTE House in Bury on Tuesday 05 August, was hailed a success by all those who attended. Existing customers and prospects were treated to a lively presentation from Invu Consultant, Peter Emmonds, discussing the digitisation of the paper process and the benefits of in-house scanning vs outsourcing. […]

Don’t act like Sheldon Cooper when implementing business process automation

Sheldon Cooper, the fictional character in the television series the Big Bang Theory, is a genius with very little emotional intelligence. Business process automation may be perceived as taking some steps into Sheldon’s logic driven world, where the selection of the tools (hardware and software) alone would be the key to success. However, in the […]

Technology provides more control over invoice processing

In theory, most finance teams should be well placed to use a combination of streamlined accounts processing with real time financial information, yet the reality is somewhat different. After many years of scanning technology and moving away from paper towards electronic documentation, why are almost one fifth of companies reporting an actual increase in paper, […]

Invu exhibited at 2014’s Housing Finance Conference and Exhibition

Invu exhibited at this year’s Housing Finance Conference and Exhibition, held at the University of Warwick, Coventry on Wednesday and Thursday this week. The conference provided attendees with the latest information and updates in the housing finance sector including guidance on welfare reform and risk, together with expert advice on how associations can seize new […]