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Paperless Processing or 'The Paperless Office' as it is often referred to, gives you the opportunity to drive out paper documents within your organisation and improve your processes.  The volume of paper records is increasing steadily in 56% of organizations and the volume of electronic records is “increasing rapidly” for 70%. By releasing your data you can begin to benefit from improved efficiency, reduced document costs and the ability to meet stringent compliance obligations.

Invu Document Management, designed as a scalable solution, works with your existing Microsoft and business applications as a core part of your processes. Documents can be imported electronically from MS Office, emails imported and paper documents rapidly scanned in. Once within the safety of the Invu documents can be routed between users, processed, classi­fied, audited and securely stored.

The speed with which you can ­find any document will revolutionise your efficiency. Retrieving documents, the cost of misfi­ling and outright document loss all contribute to increased overheads, additional effort and poor service.

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