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UK SMEs waste a staggering £42.2 million per day searching for documents.

Many of these costs are hidden in inefficient, time-consuming paper based processes. Others are sunk costs, but can be freed up; for example storage and property expenditure. Worse still, the volume of paper records is still increasing steadily in 56% of organisations and the volume of electronic records is “increasing rapidly” for 70%

We all recognise those occasions where you simply can’t ­find a key document and it becomes a personal crusade to ­find it, wasting a disproportionate time in the process. However, it’s the stealthy erosion in efficiency that really takes its toll.

Invu Document Management makes businesses fi­tter, faster, leaner and greener. It eliminates the need for offsite storage, saving up to three months a year in time wasted searching for information and streamlines processes. The speed with which you can fi­nd any document will revolutionise your efficiency. Retrieving documents, the cost of misfi­ling and outright document loss all contribute to increased overheads, additional effort and poor service.



Invu is helping in so many areas of the university - from Student Records and Finance, to HR and Payroll. Our response to queries is now immediate, giving a much more professional service.

Jonathan Sebright, Bath Spa University


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