Invu exhibiting at the Housing Finance Conference and Exhibition

housing finance warwickWe will be attending the Housing Finance Conference and Exhibition at the University of Warwick tomorrow, Wednesday 18 March. The yearly event is for finance professionals in the social housing sector and sees over 1,000 business minds meet for topical debates, to share best practices and learn about the latest products to take back to the office and future proof their organisations.


eWorld – Crossing the Purchase Order Process Chasm

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The team at Invu recently attended eWorld Procurement & Supply, the Leading Bi-Annual Event for Procurement Innovation, on the 3rd March to discuss the latest trends in the procurement world.

Stuart Evans, CTO of Invu, started off the morning with a presentation titled ‘Crossing the Purchase Process Chasm’ where he got down to the nitty-gritty of systematizing the Purchase Process, including the challenges that many companies face in making that leap.



purchasing blogWe will be attending eWorld at London's QEII Conference Centre today, Tuesday 03 March. The biannual event on procurement and supply provides unique insight into the latest innovations and technologies for supply chain, senior procurement and finance executives.

Our very own CTO, Stuart Evans will be speaking from the Fleet Room at 10:20am to discuss – 'Crossing the Purchase Process Chasm: The Key Elements to a Successful Implementation'. During his session, Stuart will be discussing how moving your business to a requisition/order driven process is a step most SMEs want to make do but never do or fail trying. Stuart will discuss how companies can both enable staff and create an efficient, well controlled purchasing process for business.

Invu will be exhibiting at the show with its partner ABBYY Europe and will also launch its new Purchase Order Processing (Invu Purchasing) technology at the event. 


Time for a paper-lite approach?

Drowning in paperPaper has become an inevitable part of almost every business. From invoices to memos, orders to applications, each business will have at least one, if not more, paper based process.

Whilst these processes may appear to be a streamlined and efficient way of working, after all you have probably been working this way since you can remember, what about when you look closer at each process? How efficient are they really?


How to avoid your FD becoming the company Scrooge in the New Year

Bah-HumbugA hangover is not the only thing you might be suffering from after the Christmas festivities and as the New Year gets under way many FDs will be tightening their purse strings. Money headaches are a risk you take with the December outgoings but how do you get over spending so much money in one month; Invu's CTO, Stuart Evans explains.


Are you operating honestly and effectively?

are-you-operating-honestly-and-effectivelyThe need to reduce business risk has taken centre stage over the past few years. From financial losses to damaged reputation and corporate failure, there is a growing awareness that unforeseen market forces represent an escalating threat to business.


Information exchange and business risk

information-exchange-business-riskBusiness cards: Social act leading to retention drama?

I recently received an email request, sent to all of our employees, asking whether anyone required business cards. It struck me that it's ironic, in this social media age, that the survival of the business card may ultimately have more to do with social convention than it does with the capture and use of the contact data on the business card.


Invu User Conference, August 2014

invu-user-conferenceOur recent North West User Conference held at DTE House in Bury on Tuesday 05 August, was hailed a success by all those who attended. Existing customers and prospects were treated to a lively presentation from Invu Consultant, Peter Emmonds, discussing the digitisation of the paper process and the benefits of in-house scanning vs outsourcing.


Don’t act like Sheldon Cooper when implementing business process automation

sheldon-cooperSheldon Cooper, the fictional character in the television series the Big Bang Theory, is a genius with very little emotional intelligence. Business process automation may be perceived as taking some steps into Sheldon's logic driven world, where the selection of the tools (hardware and software) alone would be the key to success. However, in the real world the success of your business process automation project is totally dependent on the people involved in the project.


Food for thought…

food-for-thoughtDocuments a vital ingredient

I recently played cricket at another local village where the farmer had donated a field to the local cricket club. He had been very much involved in the club himself and played for years but was now the scorer. My innings was brief and I was soon nominated to be our scorer. We soon began chatting and he asked me where, in my village, I bought my beef. My answer the local supermarket was not the right response and he mentioned that he was the supplier to my local butcher. Our local butcher has a great reputation for quality and so I had no reasonable defence to offer when the farmer mentioned the term "provenance". Was I concerned? Had I heard of the horse meat scandal? Did I know where my food came from? Well er yes, but my purchasing habits suggested otherwise. So there was more than one sticky wicket being played on that day.


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