purchasing blogWe will be attending eWorld at London’s QEII Conference Centre today, Tuesday 03 March. The biannual event on procurement and supply provides unique insight into the latest innovations and technologies for supply chain, senior procurement and finance executives.

Our very own CTO, Stuart Evans will be speaking from the Fleet Room at 10:20 am to discuss – ‘Crossing the Purchase Process Chasm: The Key Elements to a Successful Implementation’. During his session, Stuart will be discussing how moving your business to a requisition/order driven process is a step most SMEs want to make do but never do or fail trying. Stuart will discuss how companies can both enable staff and create an efficient, well-controlled purchasing process for business.

Invu will be exhibiting at the show with its partner ABBYY Europe and will also launch its new Purchase Order Processing (Invu Purchasing) technology at the event.

There will also be a sneak peek into our latest industry research report into Purchase Ordering Processing trends and challenges amongst UK small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Key findings from the report include:

  • UK Finance workers spend 8 hours a month tied up in unnecessary admin.
  • 64% of UK Finance Workers in SMEs are not using dedicated software as part of a Purchase Order process. Instead they are opting for a manual process (16%); using Microsoft Office Excel or similar (26%); or a hybrid approach of manual and software. (22%).
  • 35% of UK Finance Workers in SMEs said they had multiple methods for delivering purchase orders to suppliers. Email was the clear winner, with one third (33%) preferring email as the sole method for delivering purchase orders.

Invu experts will be attending the eWorld conference and will be on hand to answer any questions. We hope to see you there!