Bethany (left) and Leanne (right) at the Northants Chamber Exhibition 2018

Coincidently, we both graduated from Nottingham Trent University (Bethany studied English and History and Leanne studied Economics with Business). Bethany has now been working at Invu for just over 1 year while Leanne has been at Invu for 4 months.

Today, we have decided to release a Q&A so our readers can learn more about us and our experience of working at Invu!

1. What skill have you used most from your degree since you started at Invu?

Bethany: I have used my essay writing and time management skills the most from university. I help write a lot of our blogs and social media posts and this requires a lot of organisation to ensure everything gets posted on time.

Leanne: I have most used the analytical skills I gained from my degree to analyse data and observe trends. I deal with both internal and external data sets such as customer data and payment practice regulation.

2. What skill do you think you have most improved since starting at Invu?

Bethany: I have definitely improved my blog writing skills since starting at Invu. Blog writing is slightly different to essay writing as it aims to get people to think of questions rather than answering a specific given question.

Leanne: I have most improved my Microsoft Excel skills. I have learned how to use pivot tables, vlookups and various other Excel functions. (Life at university would have been ten times easier if I knew the skills I know now!)

3. How did you feel about your first day at work?

Bethany: I was very nervous (but who isn’t?). The software here is so technical, I was worried it would take me a while to learn how it works. There are still times where I am unsure, but learning something new is all part of the job!

Leanne: I was also very nervous, But I think that is only natural. I didn’t know what to expect because prior to starting at Invu I had never done any sales or marketing before! But I am thoroughly enjoying the experience and learning something new every day!

4. What did you think the job would be like versus what it’s actually like?

Bethany: I was expecting to do a lot more sales work and calls. Instead, I have moved more into the content marketing and event planning area which I really enjoy!

Leanne: I did not expect to be attending exhibitions and networking with other companies, especially on my first week, that’s for sure!

5. What has the training and support been like at Invu?

Bethany: It has been very good, Ian Smith (Finance Director and GM) has always helped out when I need it and provides constructive criticism. He also allows me to go on any training courses that I think would be beneficial for my role.

Leanne: The support and training has been excellent at Invu. My boss Ian is always on hand to provide support should I need it, but at the same time he also makes things challenging in order to push me out of my comfort zone which is great for self-development!

6. What surprised you the most about your role at Invu?

Both: We did not think we would have as much of an impact and input into the business as we do! We both work very closely with Ian and we also engage frequently with Tim (Sales Director) during the fortnightly sales meetings.

7. What do you most enjoy about your job?

Bethany: I really enjoy creating content. I also like planning and attending events and doing things out of the office. I get on well with my colleagues too so that makes it all the better!

Leanne: I love the people I work with, the friendly environment in the office makes it such a nice and enjoyable place to work. I also like the amount of input I get to put in. My boss always takes into consideration my ideas and input which makes me feel valued and makes the job even more fulfilling!

8. How easily did you settle into full-time work from university life?

Bethany: Quite easily, strangely enough – although it did take me a while to get used to the early mornings!

Leanne: I settled in quite easily too. I enjoy having routine every day and working in a friendly environment where your colleagues are always on hand to help has definitely made the transition from university life a lot easier!