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We are pleased to announce today that Invu is now a part of the Agilico Group.

Agilico provides workplace technologies primarily targeted at the needs of the small and medium-sized business sector (“SME’s”) to make their work easy. These technologies include agile working, information management, managed print and telecoms and IT.

Our Document Management, Accounts Payable and Purchasing solutions add additional capabilities to the information Management suite offered by Agilico, helping SME’s improve Efficiency, Visibility and Control over their business processes.

Joining the Agilico Group will enable Invu to accelerate its cloud development programme as well as offer a much wider distribution of the Invu software solutions.

All Invu staff are continuing with the business, and they will continue to serve their existing customer base. Invu prides itself on the quality of its customer service. Joining Agilico, which has an excellent reputation in customer service, will ensure that the same focus on excellence in customer service is maintained.

To learn more about Agilico, please visit their website here.

To see what Agilico have said about this acquisition, view their press release here.