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Business problems in 2019: Will it be a case of Déjà Vu?

Will what happened in 2018 be the same in 2019?

My boss recently asked me to ignore the German philosopher Friedrich Hegel: “The only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history” and re-read all of the blogs we posted last year. He asked me to consider the major business problems we addressed last year and predict if…

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Avoid these Five Barriers to Productivity Improvement

How to fix productivity

Learn what you need to avoid if you want to improve your businesses productivity!

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She liked everything about her job except the Paperwork

She liked everything about her job except paperwork

Too much paperwork is a problem most of us face. Learn how SMEs can benefit through reducing paper usage!

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Hype or the Future: Is Robotics the way Forward for Accounts Payable?

AI verses Employees

Learn what impact robotic automation and AI may have on the Accounts Payable function in the future!

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Payment Practice Regulation – Mindless Bureaucracy or Useful Tool?

Almost one year on from the first reports, how effective has it actually been in changing habits?

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Is your Business Suffering from Information Chaos?

Man Trying to Fight Through Information Chaos

Do you work for an SME and feel overwhelmed by the volume of data your business has to consume?

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Sink or Swim – Could your Business Survive a Flood?

Flood and computers

Flooding is the most common natural disaster in the UK. Are your business documents protected from damage?

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Could using USB drives cost you £120,000?

London Heathrow Airport

Portable storage devices may be a convenient method for transporting documents but they can give rise to security problems.

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UK accounting continues ‘slight’ shift towards digital

paper vs digital

Invu’s latest survey found that there was a slight shift towards digital in accounting. However is this change enough? Learn more in this blog.

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Are Duplicate Payments Kryptonite for Accounts Payable?

Find out why duplicate payments are a problem and how to prevent them!

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Managing Accounts Payable by Exception and Productivity

Chicken and Egg

Why do most companies not manage by exception? Learn how to change this to increase productivity!

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Can Agile Budgeting Lead to Expenditure Control?

Hot air balloon sinking while business man, holding on to a smaller balloon, soars, showing budget control can save businesses.

Only using budgets at the point of management reporting significantly reduces business agility. Learn how a Purchase Order Processing system can help!

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Late Payment Data: Time for Process Improvement?

The Payment Practice Regulation (PPR) reports have now been published since November 2017. The first reports were based on the performance of large companies for the six months to 31 October 2017. In May 2018 we saw reports from this first batch of companies for a second time, based on…

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76% of finance decision makers fear Accounts Payable Controls “too weak” to prevent fraud

Don't get caught out by accounts payable fraud in your business

Are you one of the 76% that is at risk of accounts payable fraud? Learn the best ways to prevent this fraud in your business using automation.

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