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Is Working Capital Management the “why” of poor payment practices?

Do accountants think that slow and late payments harm UK businesses? Read our quick and dirty survey of Accountex visitors to see what they think.

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Three Approaches to Email Management

Email is a fantastic communication tool but is not a storage solution. Learn how you can store and access emails easier in our latest 6.14 update.

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Integration with Invu Document Management

Learn about the latest changes to Invu's integration technology

Learn about the latest changes to our integration technologies in Invu Document Management version 6.14!

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Virtual Printing with Invu

Learn how Invu has revolutionised Print to PDF!

Do you frequently create PDF files? Learn how Invu will change the way you work in our latest update to our Document Management software.

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The latest version of Invu Document Management is here!

Learn about our latest release in this post

The latest update of Invu document Management is here! Learn about all the new features in this post.

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Are you working in the dark?

Can you see who has access to documents in each filing cabinet? Learn how to come into the light with better security controls.

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Housing Associations: Payment practices hero or villain?

Housing Association PPR Hero

Are Housing Associations the hero or the villain when it comes to payment practices? Read our blog to find out!

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Housing Associations: The Need to Change and Adapt with Transformative Technologies

Better days for housing associations with digital transformation

Learn what problems housing associations face and what systems they should implement to improve data access and processing.

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Expectation versus Reality – Life in our first graduate role

Learn from the experiences of Bethany and Leanne, two recent graduates who are in their first full-time job role!

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Will natural language processing change the way we consume and store data?

Learn how voice and audio ai may impact the future of text

Have you started spending more of your time listening and watching content rather than reading? Learn how AI may impact the future of the written word!

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Taxing times: Finding Information

Man runs away from wave of documents

Do you have the same passion for documents as our CFO? Find out how he has to tackle with paper every year for his self-assessment for taxes!

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Could your directors be in for a surprise?

Business Surprises

Could your business suffer similar financial problems to these real-life cases? Click here to learn how to prevent these issues!

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My Problem with Customer Portals

Although there have been many technical advances in delivering greater productivity and value to business to business (“B2B”), customer and supplier relationships, I’m not convinced that customer self-service portals are one of them. Receiving supplier invoices My major issue is with receiving a notification by email telling me that my…

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Business problems in 2019: Will it be a case of Déjà Vu?

Will what happened in 2018 be the same in 2019?

My boss recently asked me to ignore the German philosopher Friedrich Hegel: “The only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history” and re-read all of the blogs we posted last year. He asked me to consider the major business problems we addressed last year and predict if…

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