Document Capture and Data Extraction Software

Invu Capture (powered by ABBYY) offers intelligent accurate data extraction from a full range of documents, for example handwritten printed forms, banking documents, invoices or contracts. Precise recognition technologies ensure high quality data output. Manual intervention is the exception rather than the norm. Inevitably some recognition will be problematic, however, the intuitive verification interface allows operators to manually check the validity of recognised data and to track recognition errors, so exception handling is quick and painless.

Invu Capture - Document Capture and Data Extraction Software

Enriched with new functionality, Invu Capture is an evolution in powerful data and document capture software. Providing virtually unlimited productivity and power it frees your business from the most challenging of document processing tasks.

Flexible processing workflow means you can accomplish document processing tasks of any complexity. Suitable for fixed forms, semi-structured documents and unstructured documents Invu Capture is one of the most comprehensive and versatile document processing solutions available today.

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Customer Success Story – Metrus

Primarily dealing with commercial properties up and down the country, Metrus’ Head Office in London’s West End employs around 50 people. With the business taking on more properties each year, the amount of documentation needed to be processed inevitably rose.

To maintain the high standards set by the company, Metrus required a solution that would automate and control the increasing amount of documentation entering the business, specifically invoices which the organisation wanted processing quickly and efficiently, moving away from the existing labour intensive process. The chosen solution, primarily used in the Property Management department, was Invu Accounts Payable.

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Burlington Arcade 1

Brian Wilcox, Northern Feather

" Turnover has doubled in the last 6 years and transaction levels have soared. We could not have managed without Invu. "