Invu Document Management Solution

Retrieving documents, the cost of misfiling and outright document loss all contribute to increased overheads, additional effort and poor service.

Invu Document Management offers a wide range of solutions to help with the heavy influx of documentation within your organisation. Invu can streamline your communications and records by reducing your reliance on paper documents, easing your information flow and providing all your information at your fingertips. 

Invu Document Management Benefits

    • Enhanced customer service – quick access means better service all round
    • Enhanced document distribution – share documents in a controlled fashion, keep tabs on processes and minimise delays
    • Save storage – reduce paperwork, reduce filing
    • Save money – slash hidden costs with enhanced efficiencies
    • Save time – all your documents instantly at your ­fingertips
    • Enable compliance – Access control and audit trails necessary for GDPR and other regulations or standards

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Document Management:

Invu Document Management is designed as a scalable solution and works with your existing Microsoft and business applications as a core part of your processes. Documents can be imported electronically from MS Office, emails imported and paper documents rapidly scanned in. Once within the safety of Invu documents can be routed between users, processed, classified, audited and securely stored.

Retrieving documents, the cost of misfiling and outright document loss all contribute to increased overheads, additional effort and poor service. The speed with which you can find any document will revolutionise your efficiency.

Success Story:


Redmayne Bentley’s drive to improve customer service was at the forefront of investing in Invu Document Management. Creating a single source of information transformed efficiency and provided rapid access to information for both administrative and client facing activity.

In addition to cutting costs through a reduction in paper storage and administrative overhead, Redmayne Bentley improved efficiency and gained a competitive advantage by enabling portfolio managers to spend more time with clients.

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What else can Invu offer?

In addition to our core Document Management solution we offer a number of add-on modules to help solve a wide range of business problems. These include Invu Email Manager, a powerful way to ensure that business emails stay locked into your organisation. Invu Capture, one of the most comprehensive and versatile document processing solutions available today offering intelligent accurate data extraction from a full range of documents. And Invu Workflow, which acts as the bridge between your line of business applications and your document repository. Documents can be automatically routed between departments and authorisers to handle different process stages.

Find out more about our other solutions by selecting an icon below.



Invu Workflow

Invu Workflow gives you better process management, ensuring control with auditability. Establish your business process and the solution is designed in line with the way you want your business to work.



Invu Email Manager

Invu Email Manager is an essential and powerful supplement to your Invu DM system. Invu Email Manager flags up emails that have already been processed elsewhere in the organisation resulting in potentially high time and cost savings.



Invu Capture

Invu Capture instantly transforms documents and forms into usable, accessible data ready for export into your own business applications. Labour intensive manual data entry is eliminated along with mistakes and lost documents.



Invu Link Manager

Link Manager is a cost-effective approach to automatically capturing documents produced from your day to day operations.



Invu Content Automation

Leverage your existing transactional documents to communicate additional promotional messages. Cut through consumers' information overload, email spam filters and do-not-contact lists and turn consumer attention into action.



Invu Web Approval

Invu Web Approval creates paperless automation and rapid sign off for orders and invoices. Ideal for staff on the road.


Invu Icon DocumentManagement OCR

Invu OCR & Barcode Capture

Invu OCR & Barcode Capture gives you the ability to extract valuable information which is locked into paper documents; Invoices, POs, forms, etc.


Invu Icon Sage 50

Invu for Sage 50

Designed specifically for Sage 50 and so can be rapidly deployed, yet allows for further customisation to Coding structure and Approval process (Workflow).


Sage 200 icon

Invu for Sage 200

Invu for Sage 200 extends the capability of the software in purchase invoice processing to streamline automated invoice matching and authorisation workflows.



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