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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions. If you are unable to find the answer to your question please use the Get In Touch page to contact us.


Sales & Financial


Q. How can I place a new order?

Complete a purchase order or send an email containing all the order details- quantity, product type, cost, customer name and address to


Q. How do I raise a query about my invoice?

Please email to raise any queries


Q. I have been told I am out of Invu care, why is this?

The care may have been cancelled and it has not been renewed or you have not paid for your current support. If you required any further help please either speak to your account manager (call us if you do not know who this is) or email


Q. How do I request a credit note?

Send the details and the reason why to As long as no codes or support has been given the credit note will be issued




Q. How can I find out what version of Invu is installed?

Log into Invu and in the toolbar select Help – About. This will display the splash screen and in the top right hand corner you will see the Invu build number.


Q. I have accidently scanned a batch of documents as single page scans. Can I merge these into single document without rescanning?

Yes. Highlight all the documents to need to merge together, right click on the selection and select convert, followed by ‘Convert to Multipage’.


Q. How can I attach multiple documents as an attachment to an email I’m currently writing?

Select one or more documents, right click on the selection and choose Send To >> Email As Attachment


Q. When searching for documents it is returning ‘No Results’?

This can be caused by a number of things. Here are a few things to check:

– Is your search term correct?

– Are you searching within a specific folder and do you have access to the folder/intray that the documents are in?

– Are you preforming a content or metadata search?

Q. Invu Office Addin isn’t showing in the Office toolbars?

Check this hasn’t been put into ‘Disabled Items’ through File – Options – Add-Ins – Disabled Items. If shown in the disabled box, you should be able to highlight this and select ‘Enable’. You may have to re-launch the Office application for this to take effect.


Q. How do I get the ‘Move’ function in Invu?

This is a Privilege and you would have to ask your Invu Administrator to allow this within the Privilege Preset’s. Once this has been added to your user, you will then see the ‘Move’ option when right clicking on a document. Documents can be moved to different folders rather than re-file & saved, but the Information Types need to be mirrored by both folders for this to be successful.


Q. How to add a new scanning preset into the system?

You will have to ask your Invu Administrator to add a new preset into Invu. They will need to log into Invu as the Admin of your PC, go into Administration – Scanning – Create A Scanner Preset. You can then name your new scanning preset ie. Colour Duplex. You will need to browse to your scanner before you can set this up. Once you have done that you can then chose the options such as single or multi page, colour options and whether this is duplex or single sided. This will be saved and available to use.


Q. When scanning I receive the message ‘cannot open document’

Ensure all double spacing is removed from document title on the left and that there are no spaces after the end of the last word.


Q. When logging onto Invu it is asking me for the Business Engine Location

Please enter the name or IP address of your INVU server, you may need to contact your IT department for this info.


Q. Why can’t I see the same documents as my colleagueother users?

Your colleague may have rights or permissions to other areas of the filing structure, please speak to your Invu administrator.


Q. How can I view other user’s worktasks?

This is only available to Workflow Administrators. If you need Workflow Administrator access please contact your Invu Administrator. Once you have the appropriate access right click in the Work Tasks area and select filter then tick view all tasks.


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