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The importance of reducing the reliance on paper based systems and allowing the finance team to focus more time on managing key areas/challenges for the business is essential for hotel groups across the UK.

The hotel industry operates in a fast and dynamic environment where processes are at the forefront of importance in order for the business to succeed.

How a business handles its back office processes can make a huge impact in its operations. The vast amounts of paperwork which floods hotels on a daily basis needs to be managed quickly and efficiently. Documents handled using a manual process can be time consuming and paper intensive, which can ultimately lead to mistakes or backlogs impacting the whole process.

Operating sheets, employee applications, employee records, supplier invoices, cash receipts and sales reports are just some of the documents which need to be processed. How these documents come into the business can vary meaning the business needs to have a process which can manage them effectively.

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What are the Benefits?

Invu provide solutions to help with the heavy influx of documentation, streamlining communications and records by reducing your reliance on paper documents and easing your information flow.

Key benefits include:

  • Ability to scale the operation and re-deploy staff into a more productive role for the company
  • Seamless integration with back office systems (ERP) reducing duplication of effort and provide easy access to documents
  • Automatic routing of documents for approval
  • Full visibility of documents throughout the process
  • Improved accuracy and speed of processing
  • Remove document/paper storage issues

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Customer Success Story – Exclusive Hotels and  Venues

With six sites located across the south of England from Wiltshire to Winchester, Surrey to Sussex the Exclusive Hotels and  Venues employs over 750 permanent staff to help maintain the group’s exceptional quality.

With a manual, time consuming and paper intensive process previously adopted at the group, there was a strong desire to automate the current process and bring efficiency to the 70,000 invoices the group receive per year. The importance of reducing the reliance on paper based systems and allow the Finance team to focus more time on managing key areas/challenges for the business was essential when deciding on implementing an Invoice Processing and Document Management solution.

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Christine Davies, Exclusive Hotels and Venues

" It's great when the invoices are sent through now, managers don't have to move around the place to authorise an invoice. Pure efficiency...from invoice arriving to it being stored away for an audit. "