Information Management

Regain control of your financial documents with our efficient document management software solutions.

Do you struggle with documents going missing?


Do you feel you waste time looking for documents?


Are you worried you are storing documents that you don’t have a right to hold?


Can you identify who has accessed your company documents?

The Challenge

Many businesses struggle with losing documents, with a third of employees saying their day is frequently disrupted looking for lost or difficult to find documents according to our survey conducted in 2019. Gartner Group statistics suggest it can take as much as 16 hours to find, and up to 25 hours to recreate each document.

Regulations like GDPR limit the information you can hold, whilst other regulations require documents to be held for set periods. However, our recent survey found that only 43% of businesses have taken steps to improve data protection.

While high levels of customer service demand immediate access to documents, a business has to ensure that only those authorised to see certain information have
access to it.

The Solution

Invu can help by providing a solution that captures, indexes, and secures all your information. With powerful search capabilities utilising metadata and document contents, you can find and access everything in a timely manner.

You can control who has access to documents, identify personal data, set retention rates, and have the capability to comply with changing regulations.

Document Management

Document Management

Invu's software provides a scalable, robust, fully compliant text-searchable repository, allowing you to store all document types in one place. The filing structure is fully customisable to fit your organisation's unique requirements.

We also integrate tightly into the Microsoft Office Suite, saving every email, word document and excel spreadsheet direct into the system is easy!

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Who are Invu?

Founded in 1997, Invu develops Electronic Document Management (eDM), Accounts Payable (AP) and Purchasing solutions for a range of sectors, particularly those which are highly document dependent or where compliance is important.

Invu is a Microsoft Gold Partner as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV). The company and products, therefore, meet the stringent requirements of the Microsoft Partner Program introduced in 2010.

Invu partners with a range of software vendors such as ABBYY, a data capture, recognition and extraction tool provider whose FlexiCapture technology sits at the heart of many Invu solutions and IRIS, that supplies Invu Document Management to around 20% of the top 100 UK practices as the IRIS Accountancy Solutions document management product of choice.


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