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Invu Email Manager is a powerful way to ensure that business emails stay locked into your organisation. As email volumes rise year on year so does the time spent – and so does the risk of losing key information in the email deluge. So often what should be an important business asset is not available to the wider business, buried in an individual’s inbox or, even worse, a local hard drive.

With our email management software you can set up a range of rules to capture key information as it enters the organisation and to store it automatically in your document management system. Rules can be incredibly flexible, from simply capturing all emails to certain individuals or roles, identifying emails to be stored by keywords through to complex groups of regular expressions and matching against data in 3rd party systems. Quietly, automatically behind the scenes, handling duplicates, working with multiple accounts, capturing attachments, Invu Email Manager is a flexible route to ensuring that you’re one step closer to taming your email.

Demonstrating Invu Email Manager, Sandeep Kang (Invu)

Invu Email Manager - Email Archiving Software

Corporate email users on average receive 126 emails per day and spend more than 41% of their time managing emails.


Key Benefits:

  • Retains information as a business asset
  • Prevents duplication of effort
  • Instantly searchable and available
  • Enhances compliance by secure retention of email correspondence
  • Captured emails can initiate workflows
  • Gain a 360 degree view with all correspondence and related documents and emails

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Customer Success Story – DTE Business Advisers

In common with any organisation involved in financial planning, accounting and tax services, DTE generates huge volumes of data, primarily from client correspondence. Managing this information, and ensuring it was correctly located within each client’s file was a huge task With the evolution towards email, the company was also finding it difficult to ensure documentation was correctly stored and filed – creating difficulties in gaining the fast access to information required to respond to client queries.

Given the sensitivity of client data, DTE was concerned about the security of any document management solution. Having reviewed the market and closely assessed the quality of security within each product, DTE opted for the Invu Document Management system.

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Liam McHugh, McCabe Ford Williams

" Retaining all email communication with clients used to be difficult. Now, it's so easy to save emails that it encourages staff to apply consistently good practice. It's also become much easier to track all correspondence with a client and quickly resolve any client queries. Everyone has a shared understanding of the relationship and there is less chance of something being overlooked. "