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From IFAs and insurers to wealth managers and stockbrokers, Invu solutions support a wide range of financial institutions to provide more effective client relationships. Increased visibility and access to information drives improved service levels and ensures that firms have the information necessary for ‘Know Your Client’ requirements.

Invu is also a member of the Association of Private Client Investment Managers & Stockbrokers with Redmayne Bentley, Charles Stanley & W H Ireland amongst its customers.

Craig Arnold, Redmayne Bentley

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Financial organisations are already successfully using Invu to:

  • Capture documents, emails and forms securely which are easily searchable, fully tracked, audited and version-controlled.
  • Reduce costs and work more effectively via simple automated systems.
  • Reduce reliance on paper documents and raise compliance levels and client service.
  • Utilise their systems to the fullest capacity; not only in terms of Document Management but also within a broader remit.

Invu Solution features:

  • Invu integrates with back office applications to deliver real cost efficiencies and seamless value added functionality.
  • Enhanced workflow operations, providing industry standard audit trails and robust data security.
  • Invu systems work with Anti-Money Laundering tools so firms can handle risk, ensure compliance and adhere to best practice governance.
  • Invu also typically provides a return on investment – in terms of both money and time – in less than six months.

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Customer Success Story – Nedgroup Trust Limited

Since 1980 Nedgroup has protected the accumulated wealth of individuals and families resident worldwide. Priding itself on a commitment to efficient, personal and timely service, Nedgroup balances uncompromising delivery quality with competitive fees. It does so against a background of ever-changing legislation and compliance obligations. The need to maintain efficiency and mitigate compliance risk drove Nedgroup to consider implementing a Document Management solution.

Increasingly, Nedbank is required to obtain up to date client documentation to comply with Anti-Money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) legislation. Establishing client and wealth provenance is a regular requirement and mandatory for all new clients. In addition to everyday transactional documents Nedbank therefore has a large compliance overhead.

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Paul Marron, Bates Weston

" The accountancy business is no longer about the cheapest way of creating a set of accounts; it is about value added services, such as creating monthly management accounts and helping clients analyse those accounts. Invu provides the central spine of information that is enabling Bates Weston to deliver these services to clients. "