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Transport and logistics companies deal with high volumes of paperwork, some of which constitutes evidence and therefore must be retained securely for a set period of time. Storing this documentation eats up precious office space, or worse, costly off site-storage, and locating and retrieving specific documents is an inefficient use of staff time.

Invu Document Management improves customer service by delivering ease of access to stockholding information and delivery records. In fact standard files, such as those used in the accounting or personnel departments, and specific distribution documents can be held by the system, and made available as required. Review and audit become simple and quick, and storage space is freed for more effective use. Better still, Invu links to existing software packages, and can be integrated with minimal ‘downtime’.

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Our Solution Suite:

Document Management
Designed to eliminate the challenges of traditional document management, our document management solution is capable of heightening efficiency and organisation to reduce overheads and enable your staff to deliver a superior service.

Accounts Payable (Invoice Processing)
Using data capture technology our Accounts Payable solution will automatically pull information from invoices to drive an electronic and automated process. By creating a seamless end-to-end invoice process businesses have the ability to handle invoice growth without adding to the finance team.

Purchasing (Purchase Order Approval)
We have specifically developed our purchasing system to modernise and digitalise the overall purchasing process. The easy-to-use purchasing solution suite can be a key asset to improving operating efficiency and financial control.

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Customer Success Story – Nottingham City Transport

Nottingham City Transport is the principal bus operator in Greater Nottingham, providing a comprehensive network of services covering over 230,000 miles a week.

Using 8.438m litres of fuel a year for 330 buses, NCT employs in excess of 1,100 staff, including 800 drivers. Substantial numbers of personnel records need to be retained for 6 years. Over 5,000 invoices from the accounts department are also retained. There were storage problems caused by a genuine paper overflow, together with a fire risk. Records were stored in a basement 3 floors down; constantly fetching boxes also raised health and safety concerns.

With the basement full and no further areas to store files alternative arrangements needed to be considered. A potential office move and the need to keep rental costs down added to the need to consider other storage options.

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NCT Case Study

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Craig Bradley, Hill Hire

" The speed of inputting, accessing and tracking the information we need is now so much more efficient. The Invu software has produced an annual time saving of over 3 man years (c. 5,833 hours pa). "