Document Management for Utilities, IT & Telecoms

Very few industry sectors are immune to today’s pressures of compliance, data protection, legislation and the need to retain historical data – Utility and IT/Telecom organisations are no different. Storage is costly – both in terms of wasted office space and out-sourced facilities. Information production is at an all-time high, and never before have so many formats existed for its storage and dissemination. Companies are experiencing an increase in competition so becoming a more efficient organisation is critical to staying ahead.

Invu solutions can address all of these issues. Invu creates one central storage system for all types of information, which can be easily searched and retrieved. In fact documents can be searched for, located, retrieved and viewed within seconds – and all from the user’s desktop. Precious storage space is freed-up because physical files no longer need to be held. Information is secure, safe from loss, damage or accidental deletion, and can be protected by stringent security measures if required. The Invu system is completely intuitive and links seamlessly with a raft of existing back-office applications.