Automated Software for Document Management

Invu Workflow is completely customisable - establish your business process and the solution is designed in line with the way you want your business to work.
Invu Workflow can power-assist your day to day operations. It can act as the bridge between your line of business applications and your document repository, tying together your key systems to streamline your processes. It's based on the same technology as high-end SharePoint workflow systems so it's an adaptable, powerful integration tool (but you don't even need SharePoint).
With Invu's Workflow Automation, documents can be automatically routed between departments and authorisers to handle different process stages, for example review, approval, escalation based on content or simply notification. Processes can be designed to run in parallel or in series, and can transfer bundles of data as easily as single documents.

Invu Workflow - Workflow Automation Software

Streamline and automate your processes…

Gain complete transparency and compliance with Invu Worklow, ensuring you avoid mistakes, multiple entries and lost paperwork.

Key Benefits:

  • Documents instantly at your fingertips
  • Slash hidden costs with enhanced efficiencies
  • Reduce paperwork, reduce filling
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Enhanced document distribution
  • Central document repository
  • Regulatory compliance

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Customer Success Story – Schlegel

With manufacturing plants and offices around the world including the UK, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Singapore and Brazil, Schlegel International Group is a leading supplier of seals and hardware components for the door and window, window covering and furniture industry.

Known as a quality supplier of window and door components, Schlegel, the UK division of the Schlegel International Group, required a solution which would bring visibility and control over their purchase invoices. 

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