Why do hotels need to keep up with the digital age?

“The coding module within Invu has revolutionised the way invoices are coded, approved and processed within Lambert Smith Hampton.”

Invu Document Management can help enable you to comply

Accounts Payable Software

Invu Accounts Payable

Our solution is about recognising liabilities in good time & being in a position to choose when you settle them.

Invu Purchasing

An end to end purchase order processing solution based on line item level approvals.

Are you struggling to manage the heavy influx of documentation within your organisation?

We can help.

Invu Document Management


Ensuring you get the most from your Invu investment

As an Invu customer you'll soon find that Invu becomes an essential application for your business. As a key part of your operational processes and the secure store for your corporate knowledge where would you be without ready access to your documents.

We know how much system downtime can negatively impact the running of your business. InvuCare is a cost effective way of ensuring your investment is kept up to date and continues to work for your business. With InvuCare you can acquire the full support coverage you need for all your Invu solutions.

What Our Clients Say

  • Over the past nine years, Invu has become an integral part of our processes and the company continues to provide innovative ideas which suit our evolving requirements. Read More
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