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Longcliffe Calcium Carbonates Case Study

Formed in 1927 and with over 120 employees, Longcliffe is one of the largest producers of high quality calcium carbonates in the UK.

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The Challenge

A privately owned company, Longcliffe supplies limestone to a variety of industries across the UK and has high profile organisations such as Bernard Matthews and British Gypsum amongst its portfolio of customers.

Prior to implementing the paperless office system from Invu, Longcliffe were manually processing in excess of 10,000 delivery tickets a month, a process which was time consuming and costly. But now through the implementation of a document management software solution from Invu, Longcliffe are able to immediately send invoicing details electronically whilst reducing storage space, and improving customer service.

The requirement for a document management system arose after Longcliffe needed to update its sales order processing system. The previous processes relied heavily upon manual handling, distributing, storing and retrieving in excess of 500 delivery tickets and loading notes per day. With each ticket needing to be matched to an invoice and then sent on to recipients as a proof of delivery, each one was of utmost importance and each document was vital in the invoicing process

“The manual system which we had in place before the implementation of the Invu Document Management System was not conducive to an efficient working process.


A Slow Process

Each delivery ticket was previously stored in a filing room for five months after invoicing. It was then relocated to an archive room and then finally recycled after two years in storage. Unsurprisingly, the manual process was proving lengthy, arduous and fragile, especially given the risk that any disaster such as fire, flood or theft could have on the documents. In addition, the time constraints when retrieving an individual document impacted upon customer service, which was particularly untenable when the financial deadlines were immovable.


In effecting a change to the process and opting for a document management system, a critical requirement was the ability to be integrated with Longcliffe’s updated sales order processing software. Complementing the automation of the sales order process with Invu finally gave Longcliffe the ability to email sales and delivery documents to customers rather than rely on physical delivery – in turn vastly improving the customer service which Longcliffe was able to offer each of its customers.

Invu integrates as standard with all major accounting systems, including Sage and Iris, and as such was easily able to integrate with the sales order processing software which Longcliffe had recently implemented.

“With over 10,000 delivery tickets and loading notes being processed each month, the processes were time consuming, inefficient and untenable in the long term.”

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Digitisation & Speed

By having the ability to email invoices and delivery tickets, Longcliffe now has electronic contact with over 60% of its customers, with the remainder of the customer base being transferred to the digital processes over the coming months. This change alone has reduced postage costs by over £5k per annum.

Allsopp continues, “The Invu document management system has effectively provided us with the foundations to a ‘paperless office’ which is a long term goal of ours’. We are now equipped with the tools we need for easy retrieval, viewing and distribution of documents and has removed the time and cost overhead of the previous manual processes.”

Allsopp concludes, “The Invu software has far exceeded our expectations and has certainly met our pre-requisites. Providing us with both time and money savings, the results that we are seeing from the Invu system are far more than we expected in such a short period of time. The Invu system has predominantly been used in our finance department, but we envisage rolling it out wider in the near future as we want to make sure that the benefits we are seeing in one department are replicated throughout the business.”

“With Invu we have modernised our customer service dramatically – through not relying on error-prone manual processes to process sales and invoice documents and by being able to find and distribute our documents electronically, we have greatly accelerated both our own processes and, arguably more importantly, our purchase to pay timeframes.”

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