Invu is used in a variety of sectors and organisation types.

Over 1,500 companies, not-for-profit organisations and public sector bodies are using Invu solutions every day.

Not only does Invu give you security and control over your information but it can also streamline processes through automation and integration with your back office systems. Whether your information is paper-based, email or digital, Invu can solve your business needs irrespective of your sector.

We provide solutions for a wide range of organisations. Select your organisation type from the icons below.


Financial Services

From IFAs and insurers to wealth managers and stockbrokers, Invu supports financial institutions to provide more effective client relationships.

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Reducing the reliance on paper based systems and allowing the finance team to focus more time on managing key areas for the business is essential for the hotel industry.

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Invu supports Housing Associations to manage processing and archiving the volumes of documents generated and handled each day.

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Whether you're in Construction, Manufacturing or Engineering paperwork and legal requirements are an integral part of the industry.

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Property Management

With information continuing to grow and offices based around the country, keeping on top of your records management can be a challenge.

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Transport & Logistics

Transport & Logistics companies deal with high volumes of paperwork, some of which constitutes evidence which must be retained securely.

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" Storing all documentation centrally within Invu provides rapid access to information by branch and portfolio manager. Redmayne Bentley has reduced its manual overhead and now has a more efficient, centralised compliance control mechanism. "