The Invu Supplier Portal is a web based and mobile friendly order & invoice tracking system that offers a streamlined integration with (but not restricted to) Invu’s Purchasing & Accounts Payable (AP) solutions.

The Portal has been designed to offer increased visibility of invoices and where they are in the approval process, significantly reducing the number of supplier queries relating to when an invoice will be processed and paid.


Landing page on login:
Once logging into the Supplier Portal you have instant access to your invoices and what their status is.

supplier portal 1


Invoice details:
The invoice details screen displays an Invoice thumbnail for viewing and invoice header information, as well as key invoice status and stage. There’s also an optional colour wheel that displays the relative time the invoice has spent at each given stage.

supplier portal 2


Invoice upload:
The Supplier Portal also offers a simple file upload mechanism which allows suppliers to send invoices to you directly for processing thus reducing the need for emailing.

Invoice & Purchase Order details:
The Invoices and Purchase Orders areas display the appropriate header information, as well as key processing information respectively. Also within each area, your supplier can view the Invoice/PO in the web browser or mobile device directly by clicking on the image thumbnail. Additionally an optional colour wheel can be enabled that displays the relative time the invoice has spent at each given stage. The easy-to-digest visual representation of the processing lifecycle may help strengthen relationships further with your suppliers in-line with the upcoming regulatory changes, further information can be found here.


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