Invu Annual User Conference 2017

Our 5th Annual User Conference was held at the Imperial War Museum, London on the 23rd November.

The Agenda:

  • GDPR an overview

  • GDPR the impact on marketing

  • GDPR and How your Invu software can help

  • The Robots are coming, what’s the current state of play

  • The technological landscape

  • The Invu road map

  • Invu accounts payable in the cloud


The Sessions:

  1. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    The regulation, which comes into effect on 25 May 2018, has been billed by the European Union as “the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years”.

    Keith Williams of C3 Management Ltd gave an overview of the Regulation, covering the practical implications of, the six principles (article 5), the rights of data subjects (Articles 12-23) and the Controller and Processor (articles 24-43).

    David Beesley from the B2B Marketing Lab which is part of the ITPR group took the audience through the risk impact of GDPR for marketing activities in all businesses. Some very clear messages were deliver on practical things a business needs to do like “get your own house in order” starting with the contact database. A key issue covered was consent and a belt and braces approach the double opt-in was explored.

    Marc Pegg, an Invu software Consultant, gave practical advice about how to use Invu to help with both getting ready for GDPR and its ongoing requirements. He took the audience through the core tools available as standard in Invu software as well as a practical example from a recent discovery project. More information about the capabilities of Invu in relation to GDPR are show shown here


  1. Robotics

    Rakesh Sangani of Proservartner gave the audience a tour of the robotics landscape in terms of three stages Basic Robots (“hands”), Smart Robotics (“hybrid”) and Cognitive engines (“brains”). He then focused on basic robots, Robotic Process Automation (“RPA) giving practical examples of where RPA can be a benefit. These are normally high volume repetitive tasks, like transferring data between systems in lieu of an integration so called swivel chair robotics. He also covered the pitfalls to avoid when embarking on RPA projects.

    Jonathan Darbey of ABBYY then picked up on the theme of the three stages in terms of unlocking and exploiting the full data estate, unstructured text data, structured text data and intelligent applications, taking the audience through ABBYY’s vision, approach and offerings.

    More information about data capture solutions is shown here.

  1. The technological landscape

    Four Invu partners picked out a technology they saw in 2017 that they thought would be significant in 2018.

    Alan Jones of Objectif Lune spoke about Getting Documents right by using automation removing human error from compliance documents.

    Hugo van der Pot of Trouve spoke about, the hybrid cloud and gave a specific example of connecting premises based software like Invu to cloud services.

    John Hulme of YourDMS spoke about the processing power of the cloud and how using Infrastructure as a Service could significantly improve the processing speed of some premises based applications like Invu.

    Robbie Trower of Fujitsu spoke about IT trends and mobile scanning pointing out that going mobile had led to devices like mobile phones being used as scanners. He identified that rather than replacing scanners, customers began to scan more and then sought to acquire more effective mobile scanning devices, like the Fujitsu mobile scanner.


  1. The Invu Product Roadmap

    Sandeep Kang, Product Manager at Invu, took the audience through the Invu software offerings identifying how modules like e mail manager could help with the deluge of e mail we all receive and the power of integrations with software like Sage 200 enables customers to work with Invu documents without leaving the Sage 200 application.

    Stuart Evans, CTO at Invu, took the audience through the product road map for the software solutions, Document Management, Accounts Payable and Purchasing. He then gave a live demonstration of an early version of Invu AP in the cloud showing invoices being received by email silently going through automatic recognition followed by the coding and approval process within the app, and finally awaiting posting into a ledger system.