A Study of the effectiveness of Accounts Payable and Purchase Order Processing in UK businesses

The effectiveness of Accounts Payable and Purchase Order Processes has a significant impact on the management of profits and cash flow, as well as business operations, especially within the supply chain.

Failing to properly manage and control these operational systems can severely impact the ability of a business to remain agile, produce accurate and reliable management accounts and maintain healthy supplier relationships.

Using the views of 200 financial decision makers from medium sized businesses (50-249 employees) and large companies (250+ employees) this ‘Changing trends in the purchasing processes of UK businesses’ Report investigates the state of Purchase Order Processing (POP) and Accounts Payable (AP) within UK businesses while using comparative figures from our 2016 report to see how opinions of processes have changed.

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This report examines how current AP and POP systems are impacting business operations across a number of areas, including: