Ensuring you get the most from your Invu investment

As an Invu customer you’ll soon find that Invu becomes an essential application for your business. As a key part of your operational processes and the secure store for your corporate knowledge where would you be without ready access to your documents.

We know how much system downtime can negatively impact the running of your business. InvuCare is a cost effective way of ensuring your investment is kept up to date and continues to work for your business. With InvuCare you can acquire the full support coverage you need for all your Invu solutions.

InvuCare Sheet

What are the benefits?

Invu’s software support package “InvuCare” gives you total peace of mind by delivering expert technical support & guidance from Invu directly, or via one of our Accredited Partners.

Key benefits are:

  • Expert Technical Support when you need it
  • Flexible support logging and access
  • FREE software upgrades
  • Access to user training sessions
  • Participation in early adopter schemes
  • FREE system health checks


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